"Blue Bird" Christmas Tree Lot

Spring 2022

Christmas tree farm

Let the fun begin… Stay tuned for Day 1 of Christmas Tree Planting tonight!

Christmas tree farm

My FIRST Christmas Tree EVER planted!! 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

Fall 2021

Getting back on track slowly but definitely moving forward with a little help at the Future Christmas Tree Farm!

Ever wonder how quickly the roots form when planting seeds. This was after 1 week of planting the White Dutch Clover. Some leaves had fallen before we planted, the seeds will germinate wherever they fall providing they can get to the soil, in this case, a leaf!!! It’s pretty interesting that the roots are so long so quick about 2” long after 7 days.

white dutch clover

We went to check on the white dutch clover the other day and seeded the last of the field over where the shrub garden is going to be. It’s coming up great! I am sure we will need to overseed in the spring but considering when this was planted I am very happy.

Christmas tree farm
Christmas tree farm
Christmas tree farm 1951 John Deere Model B tractor

When you feel defeated.
As I sit here in my car with the two boys and our windows rolled down, surrounded by 4 foot weeds, as I watch my husband try and get our 1951 John Deere Model B tractor started after sitting for months at our Christmas Tree Farm I begin to feel defeated. I feel defeated for so many reasons both mentally and physically. But I need to pick myself off, brush myself off and get going!!! That is something my Pa Rose would tell me to do and certainly my mother!! Right Mom? So that is what I am doing!

Christmas tree farm
Christmas tree farm
Christmas tree farm
Christmas tree farm

Spring 2021

We finally got to start breaking ground this season! From soil tests to tractors and plows, this Christmas Tree Farm isn’t far from being planted!

Winter 2020

The “Ribbon Cutting” Ceremony didn’t go quite as planned with 10″ of snow on the ground, but it is officially our’s!

Fall 2020

The first time we saw the property that would become our Christmas Tree Farm! It’s 2.5 acres. The perfect starting point for dreams to come true.

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