Bobcats are predators that love chickens. Here's what happened when a bobcat attacked my flock.

Chickens vs Bobcat!

Let me set the scene for you first…. It was a beautiful day on the hobby farm, and my husband let the chickens out of their coop for the day to roam around the yard. They love to free range looking for worms, bugs, and grubs.

My cousin Brenda came over to drop off Girl Scout cookies, Tagalongs of course! Mason (2.5 months old) was in the swing looking around the living room as he swings back and forth just loving life. Brenda and I were sitting on the couch in the living room talking to each other and my back was to the sliding glass door.

Brenda said to me “what is that on the porch?” I turned around and all of a sudden the chickens are going crazy!!!  This was just the beginning!

There was a BOBCAT ON MY PORCH with a CHICKEN IN HIS MOUTH less than 5 feet from my DOOR!!!!!

I run outside in my socks, Mason was still in the swing watching, as I chased the bobcat down past the chicken coop through the pine trees! About halfway down, he dropped the chicken (CoCo aka Miss Brody).  I was still yelling and screaming at the bobcat.

In the meantime, the scared chicken didn’t know what to do so she decided to run back into MY HOUSE….right by Mason in the swing, she ran around the living room, through the foyer, into the playroom, down the hallway, and into the bathroom!

I know this because I had a trail of feathers and blood throughout my house!  Brenda and I ended up shutting the chicken in the bathroom temporarily so we could go back outside to get the other chickens back in the coop!

I can only imagine what Mason was thinking about when this was happening.

Thank goodness, the chicken didn’t jump up onto his swing with him!  That would have been HORRIBLE!!!

CoCo aka Miss Brody

Of course, my husband was on a job, and of all times he didn’t answer the phone!!  I called my neighbor to come help me. Brenda helped catch the other three chickens that didn’t already run for cover. 

Now all 14 chickens are in the coop safe and sound.  Luke (my neighbor) and I go into the house to check on CoCo who was in the bathroom.

She ended up wedging herself behind the toilet and was literally stuck between pipes, a trash can, and the toilet itself. Luke was finally able to free CoCo from the situation she got herself in with the toilet.

We put her in a storage bin with a bug net from the baby carriage and placed her in the shed to calm down so she could heal.

She was in total shock! We gave her food and water; however, she was not interested in eating or drinking actually ended up not wanting to for days!

She had a lot of internal damage I am sure; however, it’s been a few weeks since the attack and she is running around with the other chickens now loving life again, even though she is missing a bunch of tail and neck feathers (see picture above).

We have a bunch of different bobcats in our neighborhood, as we have a water company that borders us.  Trail cameras have picked up on most of them.

This particular bobcat, as it was staring me in the eyes about 15-20 feet from me was able to get ID’d by myself in a “bobcat line up” and that is the picture I am showing below.

I say this so you, so you don’t think I took out my camera, to take a picture, as my baby was in the swing, with the door open, and the bloody chicken was running around my house!!!


I went back into the house and there were feathers and blood (from her foot) all over the place! What a mess!! Mason certainly got his excitement for the day in his swing. I could only imagine what he was thinking when the chicken was running around the house!

About an hour later, I went out to the coop to check on the chickens to see how they were doing and noticed another chicken (Lacey) was missing. We can’t figure out if she got killed or lost!

I know she didn’t get killed during that particular attack, but wondering if she did the day before as we didn’t do a headcount and that bobcat amount others have been hanging around our area! No trace of feathers.

I have a GREAT neighborhood with GREAT people! Everyone was looking around their properties for my lost chicken once they got word.

I put a word out for the missing chicken on a local FB page, figured people would think I am nuts putting out an SOS for a chicken, but people in this town are great and wanted to help find Lacey

It was a very sad day on the hobby farm and definitely very eventful. Especially just after TiAnna (white leghorn) passed away last week from swallowing two screws.

Just one more thing… the feathers and blood were cleaned up immediately, and my house got disinfected for those people who are wondering!!

Chickens vs Bobcat!
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