How to Not Boil Over Water

Don’t you hate it when you make a mess in the kitchen? Wouldn’t you love to keep your stove clean when all you are trying to do is cook a pot of pasta without it boiling over? Guess what? You can….with a wooden spoon!

My husband is always teasing me that I make a mess in the kitchen all the time. He made a comment to me a while back saying that I can’t even cook pasta without making a mess, because the water is always boiling over.

One day he came into the kitchen and was teasing me yet again. I had nowhere to put my spoon because I had both sauce & chicken cutlets being made as well as boiling ziti. I also didn’t want to put it on the counter with sauce all over it.

So I placed the wooden spoon over the pot of boiling water.

Guess what the water NEVER boiled over!

The foam goes right up to the spoon but never lets it overflow! My husband still teases me about other things in the kitchen, but I will never forget the look on his face when it didn’t overflow for the first time!

Learn the simple trick to not boil over water! I discovered it by accident, but it works like a charm!
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