We harvest fresh vegetables throughout the year. We have started from both seedlings and started plants. We have a variety of squash, peppers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, eggplant and more!


Themed specialty cakes are unique and made with care. These cakes are designed with the customers interest in mind putting creative ideas to the test.


Christmas on the hobby farm!!! Custom wreaths and swags. Designed for any theme whether it is traditional, classy or whimsical. Cemetery planters for your loved ones are made with care. Beautiful bows are available for your own decor to add that special touch to your holiday items.


In 2018 we started a berry patch and small orchard. It will take a few years for the plants to establish and produce, but we expect to have a variety of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, pears, apples, plums and peaches among others we continue to grow

Baked Goods and Cooking

Homemade breads, muffins, sugar cookies, Christmas cookies, Banana nut-bread, need I say more! Homestead cooking takes place as we try to make our own infused oils, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, tomato sauce, roasted red peppers, dried fruits and spices. Of course the ideas are endless!


We have 16 chickens and produce the best eggs around. We do this by caring for our chickens with the best love and care possible.

What Our Clients Say

Jennifer Says

I love watching it grow! and the chickens have the best names!

Ruth Says

Just read the “About” section of your blog and I love it! It suits you perfectly to a T, as in “terrific!” Your chickens have the most deluxe coop I have ever seen, no wonder they are so happy and their eggs so tasty! So very proud of you Shannon as you build upon what you learned from your grandparents on your hobby farm. I look forward to hearing more about what you and Dave are doing. Your holiday wreaths are absolutely fabulous!!!

Brenda Says

Delicious muffins and farm fresh eggs! Also love the wreath we got at Christmas time!

Susan Says

I just saw the beautiful Christmas centerpiece you made for my daughter Maria. It is absolutely beautiful! You have a wonderful talent…God bless!

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