Weekend Smiles

Each weekend I will share with you something that makes our family smile 😊

😊Weekend Smiles #18😊

😊This weekend the boys started playing soccer. When we were starting to back out of the driveway, Harrison says β€œMommy there is a chicky in the truck.” I didn’t see anything and the out of no where a chicken aka Cookie jumps up onto the console of the truck! Scared the living daylights out of me, BUT it made me smile😊

😊Weekend Smiles #17😊

😊This weekend we went to a Harvest Festival in a small town in VT. They had a very small floral show and someone made this arrangement and it just reminded me of my Great Grandma for some reason. I am not sure why because she was never really into floral arrangements but she did always have black slip-over shoes (not boots) for when it rained out so maybe that was why, but either way it made me smile. 😊

😊Weekend Smiles #16😊

😊This weekend I stopped by my family’s farm where I lived growing up and stood there staring at my grandfather’s old sugar house which he built. I was remembering the hours upon hours I spent in there with my Pa as he perfected the maple syrup process. He taught me so much without me even knowing about not only maple syrup, but about life in general.
This picture is making me smile because although my grandfather is not on earth anymore, he is shining down from up above through the darker clouds. He is letting me know I am on the right path and supports me on my journey which is just the beginning of the next phase of my life. I love you Pa🌹😊

😊Weekend Smiles #15😊

😊We took the boys to a β€œhorse baby shower” to help raise money for a local horse rescue farm 😊

😊Weekend Smiles #14😊
😊Driving through the countryside of Vermont we came across this beautiful barn!😊

😊Weekend Smiles #13😊

😊Ever since the boys watched the Olympic Games they have wanted to do gymnastics and we thought it was time to sign them up. They absolutely loved it and it made us all smile!😊

😊Weekend Smiles #12😊
😊The picture says it all and it makes me 😊

Weekend Smiles #11

😊Weekend Smiles #11😊

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend with their family. I know I did and these fireworks in Brandon, Vermont made us smile☺️

😊Weekend Smiles #10😊

We didn’t have a lot to smile about on the weekend as the boys were recovering from having a cold, but tonight we went to see the β€œocean” which is really Long Island Sound. It’s only a short drive and the boys love it. We were able to witness baby birds getting fed by their mama! Take a look!! It definitely made my boys smile 😊

😊Weekend Smiles #9😊

Driving through Vermont this weekend and saw one of our favorite farms with LOTS of cows. We turned the car around just to take a video to show everyone! The boys loved every minute of it.

😊Weekend Smiles #8 😊

Our boys love the TV show Heartland. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the main focus is horses. They rescue horses primarily but they also show different types of rodeo events and horse racing. My boys LOVE it when there is Bronc Riding. They absolutely stop everything they are doing to watch it.
This weekend I had heard about a Rodeo going on in upstate Connecticut, so when Dave got done with work for the day we took a drive to surprise the boys. We unfortunately couldn’t get too close to the fence as there was a ton of people and I didn’t feel comfortable sitting among thousands of people sitting in the stands, so we couldn’t see everything but we had a bunch of fun and got to see some Bronc riding! The boys loved it!!! Then of course we topped it off with some fun and games
3 Babies

😊Weekend Smiles #7😊

This past weekend, we discovered a nest of baby bluebirds on our porch of all places!!!
We do have a bluebird house not too far from this location and noticed two sets of bluebirds fighting over it a while back but didn’t think much of it. One of the pairs must have relocated to my porch without us realizing it. They made the nest next to the back door in a high-traffic area and only about 4FT off the ground. I am not sure if that is the best or safest place in the world for a nest!
Unfortunately, discovering the nest was not a weekend smile as someone stepped on a bird walking to the car. I was so upset when I had discovered the fluff ball. I started to look around and they made their nest in an old peach basket that was sitting on a planting cart. To put it in perspective I am looking down on the birds. They are in plain view! I am hoping no predators find them.

It was strange because the other birds were just hatched when I found them. I honestly thought they were dead and I was going to get rid of the nest but decided I would wait for David. Good thing I didn’t because look at these two beauties a week later when we went to move the nest!Β πŸ’™πŸ’™

😊Weekend Smiles #6😊

Yes! I am behind but this one makes up for it. Each weekend I will share with you something that makes our family smile 😊 This past weekend, we spent the majority of it camping in Vermont, but what made me smile was when I went to buy firewood at a roadside stand I saw this sign. The firewood booth was being run by a 10 year old. Whoever that 10 year old is please know you made my heart smile and you remind me of my drive and determination when I was 10 years old working at my family’s farm market! πŸ’š

😊Weekend Smiles #5😊

Planting Christmas trees

This past weekend, we spent the majority of it planting Christmas Trees, but what made me smile was my boys wanting to help especially my youngestΒ πŸ’š

😊Weekend Smiles #4😊

I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday weekend with their family.
Below is a cross that our church made with vibrant flowers. My boys were able to add 3 flowers to it during their first church service. After it was made, our church put it on display for the people to see as they drove by.

😊Weekend Smiles #3😊

This past weekend, we brought the boys to an animal rescue center called Ray of Light Farm. They are a rescue farm for all different animals but especially horses and donkeys. They had a drive-thru Easter Egg hunt where we got to see the Easter Bunny. After we went to look at all the animals and feed the goats and sheep a treat!
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😊Weekend Smiles #2😊 

Green Mountains

This past weekend, we brought the boys to a beautiful lake in The Green Mountains.
They enjoyed playing in the sand, climbing on the playground, and learning how to skip rocks.
Although they have a long way to go with that! Plop!!!

😊Weekend Smiles #1😊

Today, we brought the boys to their First Tractor Parade. They enjoyed seeing all of the different types of tractors and waved to each one of them saying β€œHi Tractor!”
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