Hi friend!

I’m Shannon, the Farmers’ Granddaughter!

I started my hobby farm in 2017 to get back to my roots, and I’m taking you along this journey to show you that hobby farming is possible, even on 1.5 acres of land!


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Who are we?

The Farmers’ Granddaughter Hobby Farm is based on the inspiration and knowledge shared to me by my late grandparents. Currently, I have my own hobby farm located on 1.5 acres in our Connecticut backyard and a 2 acre Christmas Tree Farm just up the road.

Join me on my journey, as I share with you my homestead experiences, as I raise chickens, grow fruits and vegetables, cook from scratch, grow Christmas trees, and of course DIY projects.

I am in no way a farmer like my two Grandfathers, but I do believe in working with what you’ve got. Right now, I’ve got a hobby farm that I love and want to share with you! I look forward to connecting with you on this adventurous journey as I return to my roots remembering what my grandparents showed me over the years and what I figure out along the way.

I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I do! Talk to you soon!

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